NOMAN raises awareness about the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) related cancer epidemic in men and women, and campaigns for universal HPV vaccination, while challenging participants to extreme endurance races across the world.

19 Mar 2019

VCG PromoRisk are extremely proud to be one of the sponsors for the next challenge

20th July 2019 – 2nd August 2019

The BARCELONA - IBIZA and IBIZA - BARCELONA races are NOMAN exclusive premier ocean rowing events.

Teams of amateur rowers are pitted against each other across 200 miles in journey that is expected to last 3 days. Rowing across an ocean or sea is like no other sport. Ocean rowing is as much about the crew's’ ability to cope mentally, as it is about technique and physical strength.

As you can see from the photo the Brighton team for 2019 were in the tank learning how to row with oars! Co-ordination and working as a team played a huge part. So much more difficult than an indoor rowing machine and very different. However, they were in good hands, as their coach for the session was Olympic gold medalist rower, Toby Garbett.




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